0133(020) Laar Farobiansah Gamelan - Bidadari

0133<span style='color:#009639;'>(020)</span> Laar Farobiansah Gamelan - Bidadari
  • Dostępność: W magazynie
  • Data wydania: 13.04.2018
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Cena: 38.00 PLN
  • Sahnil Arif Farobiansah – vocal
  • Michał Górczyński – clarinet, bass clarinet
  • Paweł Szamburski – clarinet
  • & Warsaw Gamelan Group:
  • Dawid Martin
    Krzysztof Dziuba
    Karolina Karwan
    Maria Białota
    Przemysław Piłaciński
    Neves Sulumuna


01. My Little Angel

twilight goes a away
sweet lullaby in your dream
"miss u" that u always said it to the stars
I am still here missing u my little angel
Time goes by with step of yor smile
"miss u" that u always said it to the stars
u try to forget yor missing with yor smile.

02. Love between afterlife

Lay in the darkness of space
without light
i feel u here
in your long sleep away
i came to your world
just like i filled my world
i felt love that u gave
in your different world

The blossom of love
in the peace of heart
love never die
in the peace of heart
hope u everlasting
in the world of afterlife

03. The old motorcycle

my old motorcycle
make me so confuse
when i drive with beautiful girl
hope she doesnt push my motorcycle when engine stop
under the sun shine
i wanna see her still look pretty
forgive me my love
because of me you feel shame
infront of head chief of village
i make him to be interested
sell out my old motorcycle with higher price
and make him so surprised

04. Dont wake me up

i left u for long time not right by my side
years are gone but u always in my dream
even u r not here with my night
but your soul always fly to the sky
dont wake me up
because u always come to my sweet lullaby dream
dont wake me up
because u always come to my night
Hold yor hands and grabs the cold nite
a pieces of sky just passing by and i'll never let it go

05. Morning news

i read newspaper this morning
it wrote about the murder
young pregnant lady
choked by her boyfriend
life just like nothing
killing someone everywhere
i just sit down and watching television
news about a murder
the jealous young high school lady
hit her boyfriend till died
1 news 1 life
1 story 1 life
they killed their best friend
they killed their brother
they killed their parents
human are so cruel
human are so wild